By Officer Jack Bass, SAPD

1. Buy a large dog and allow it to have access to all parts of your home. Very few burglaries occur when a large dog is present.

2. Install a burglar alarm with an audible siren inside and consider installing an exterior alarm as well.

3. Video surveillance camera systems can be purchased inexpensively. Costco has a set for around $500. Some can even be accessed live time from a smart phone through the free website provided by the manufacturer

4. Always lock your side gates.

5. If possible, install outward swinging doors (they can’t be kicked in or defeated easily.) If that option is not possible, a glass storm door is a great deterrent that can be installed by Home Depot or Lowes.

6. If you go out of town, have your neighbors park their cars in your driveway.

7. Don’t leave anything in your cars (that means: nothing) unless it is out of plain sight. Car burglars usually don’t waste time breaking into a car unless they know it’s worth their time (that is, there is something in the car worth stealing.)

8. Install deadbolt locks that operate with a key inside and out. If someone does get inside your home, it will not be easy for them to get back out.

9. Install 3" screws at all door latch and hinge points. As 3” screws are stronger than those of shorter length, this makes it harder for the door to be defeated by kicking it in.

10. Know your neighbors’ work hours, and watch out for each others’ homes. Tell someone on your street when you are going out of town. Look out the window every so often and call in any suspicious activity no matter how small. Don't be afraid to get involved!! Too many thefts and burglaries happen because people say “oh, it’s probably nothing."

11. Call the police! We can't be everywhere at once. There are a lot of houses in your area of NCTONA. You are the “eyes and ears” we need to do an effective job.