Oakline Beautification Project

The Oakline - Jones-Maltsberger entry to NCTONA has had a major facelift!!  On Saturday, Feb. 18th, there were 12 volunteers that arrived at 9:00 am and worked until noon. As a surprise, Mr. Sepulveda fed everyone lunch from his hot dog stand. Kim Pettit and the majority of men hacked away at dead branches, trimmed the crepe myrtle trees, dug the holes for the plants and set up the flowerbed framework. The majority of women raked leaves, organized and bagged the debris, spread dirt and mulch and enjoyed putting in the plants. A few volunteers stayed until about 1:30 pm to wrap up by cleaning the area. A special thanks truly goes out to the Vise family because both her spouse and her son had trucks that enabled us to haul off two loads of tree limbs and debris to the dump. 


 At 2:00 pm Larry was able to come out for the second round of volunteering with 2 other volunteers. They picked up the small remaining branches and leaf piles, and have removed the railroad ties for us. 

 There were a lot of onlookers and several waves and neighbors giving us thumbs up. It was laborsome, but rewarding. 

Thanks to all of you for making this a possibility!