NCTONA Volunteers Needed for Chestnut Bend Project

We need volunteers!  If you can volunteer your time or some tools (wheelbarrows, flat-nose shovels, regular shovels, iron rakes, breaker bars, chain saws, pole saws, hand saws, extension ladders, axes, picks, hand-held trimmers, chains to loop together to pull existing, trucks, trailers, trash bags---heavy duty, work gloves, weed eaters---fuel---line, blowers--fuel, push brooms) let us know - sign up here:

Many of you are aware that our Association is working with our NCTONA Members on Chestnut Bend to improve the entryway into our Neighborhood from Jones-Maltsberger. NCTONA Member Doug Smith, a professional landscaper, has formulated the landscape plans pro bono which were approved by the City’s Transportation and Capital Improvements (TCI) Department at a special meeting at City Hall held Thursday, 14 September, and arranged by our new Councilman, John Courage, who strongly backs this initiative. TCI’s approval was granted for the following purpose: “Renovation would enhance pedestrian safety, remove dangerous metal objects, ensure traffic visibility and improve overall appearance.“

Now my call goes out for volunteers from all parts of our Neighborhood to help accomplish this goal.

We know that our Members who live on Chestnut Bend will be there working alongside NCTONIANS from all our other streets. “Active” helpers should bring the following: work gloves, loppers or shears, wheelbarrows, square-toed (“coal”) shovels, picks or digging bars, steel rakes, bow-saws and heavy plastic trash bags. “Support” helpers can assist by providing bottled water, sandwiches or snacks, access to toilets, and friendly greetings for workers. We also ask that our Neighbors be tolerant of volunteers’ cars parked on Chestnut Bend during the work session. Upon request, those who help in any way will be given surplus plants or materials.

The initial phase of the work will begin promptly at 9 am on Monday, 9 October, and will clear the site of crushed rock and diseased or weedy, overgrown plants. Certain plants will remain on site, but will be trimmed and “pups” removed. A team of the strongest volunteers will remove the existing small rock and store it at one end of the site. A key element is to remove and discard metal edging and scraps of tarpaper. We will also remove the loosely installed chopped limestone edging and save it for later use. If our crew of NCTONA volunteers puts in a good day’s work, the site should be cleared for Phase II. In Phase II we will lay out the landscape design and marshal the inert materials needed. The date of that phase will be set by canvassing the opinions of the volunteers on 9 October.

When the project is completed, visibility of traffic on Jones for motorists on Chestnut Bend will be improved, hazardous metal edging removed, and the entryway’s appearance greatly enhanced.

I look forward to seeing you at 9 am Columbus Day by the entryway to Chestnut Bend. This project will require a lot of “sweat equity” and hard labor, but I believe that when our work is done we will be proud of what we accomplished working together as a Neighborhood.

By Larry Lamborn